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Where We Started.

Digital Girl Africa was started in 2018 by Ian Mangenga in Johannesburg, South Africa. After organising the first digital storytelling workshop for young and unemployed women in a township called Zonkezizwe, Ian realised that there was a need to create more trainings to expose women to digital opportunities so that they could also have a stake in the digital economy. 

To date, Digital Girl Africa has evolved into a premium community and platform that seeks to connect women with digital skills and inspires them to thrive in their digital careers.

Let’s talk about Impact:

12 000+

Community online, across our various social media platforms.


Women and girls trained in various digital skills.


The number of African cities we have a presence in.

Support Our Work.

We are building a network of training centers in townships and rural areas aimed at delivering our programmes to women in need.

Help us build a training center


It costs us approximately R3500.00 to train a single woman. Sponsor a women to access any of our paid courses, online or offline. 



It costs us approximately R13000.00 to build a single online course. Through your help we could create more courses so we can service more women in their diverse interests.

Contribute to a new online course


Some of the partners and friends we've worked with in the past







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