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Pastel Gradient

A new femme tech era

The one-stop-platform promoting women's digital equity in Africa. 

11 000+

Online community of women invested in the movement.


Women and girls trained both online and offline.


Our community hails from nice African countries.


Partnerships that have made our work possible.


We're a social-tech organisation that empowers women to flourish  in the digital economy.

Our Work

Digital Skills Initiatives

We develop programmes that widen women's access to functional digital literacy.

Access to Digital Infrastructure

We drive equitable access to digital devices and connectivity through strategic partnerships.


We advocate for policies that drive digital gender equity with a focus on women's digital rights and online safety.

Research & Content

We advance digital equity through innovative research and content at the intersection of emerging technology & women's rights.

Previous Projects


Get Involved

Reach out to us and let us know how you would like to contribute to our mission.

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