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Pastel Gradient

Replace mindless scrolling, with mindful learning

26-28 July 2023

Mowbray, Cape Town



Smartphone Repair Bootcamp

A 3-day bootcamp will equip you with the skills to open and operate a smartphone repair


Building a Tech-Adjacent Career

This is a 5-day courses intended to give you an overview of what you can learn to break into a tech-adjacent career.

19 June 2023

Technical Writing Bootcamp

This is a 5-day bootcamp for you if you're looking to learn about technical writing and start building your portfolio.

19 June 2023

Our Courses

Teach with us

We are always on the lookout for experts that have skills to share with our community. If you would like to collaborate with us on a course please send your correspondence to:

Emma M. | Social Media Manager

"The digital marketing bootcamp really helped me to kickstart my career in the coolest way"

We create bite-sized and action-orientated content personalised to your needs with a team of experts who have skin in the game. 

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